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Do you love cooking delicious family recipes that have been passed down from one generation to the next?

Do you or your extended family relish in cooking together then coming together for a lavish feast?

Do you believe that your family is Australia's Greatest Food Family?

Endemol Shine Australia are looking for families from all over Australia that pride themselves in the kitchen.
We are after lovers of various cuisines and families who have a passion for their own culinary heritage.

It's time to share your love for food and show the nation how good your family is in the kitchen.
Your “Family” MUST be made up of 4 people. You can be any type of family, as long as you are related and love cooking together. E.g. Mum/Dad/2 Kids, 2 Brothers/2 Sisters, 4 Brothers, Grandma/Daughter/2 Grand children, Dad/3 kids, Uncles/Nieces etc etc etc…

You all must be Australian citizens or permanent residents.
None of you can have any formal tertiary or other professional catering/cooking qualifications.
All Family Food Fight families must be amateurs, if you have previous professional or semi-professional kitchen experience that the Casting Team of Family Food Fight deem could create an unfair advantage (at their entire discretion), you will not be eligible.


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